mornings & musings.

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Today was one of those mornings I woke confused about which day of the week it is. Lots of thoughts raced through my mind – “Am I late?” “Do I have a meeting?” “Oh.” The thought hit me so sweetly and sent a wave of rest back over me. “Relax Hannah, it’s Friday!”

Slow mornings. Time to myself. Time with Jesus. Mornings are my favorite time of the day to pray, think, process and rest. When I first finished college, in my search for balance, I devoted myself to at least one solid hour of Sabbath in the mornings. It was not a full day, and it was hardly even a full hour most times, but it centered me. I was able to focus my thoughts on the One who orders my steps, who makes my lot secure. Who calms every anxiety and walks with me through each moment of the day.

And life happened. Work got busier, the love of my life entered the picture, wedding planning began and marriage brought with it new waves of transition. These are all GREAT things, but  mornings got lost in the mix of settling in and only recently have I focused energy back into prioritizing this time of my day. It’s been a game-changer for me. I’m more calm, more focused, more energized and frankly, I feel more peace.

Slow mornings are my thing.

Do you have a routine or a time of day that energizes you and brings you rest?

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