soul rest.


My favorite day is one in which I wake early, drawn to day by the light streaming through my blinds. I roll over, give a waking kiss to Adam and gently stroke his beard, alerting him to the beginning of my day. I quietly walk into bathroom, let the water begin to run and brush my teeth, giving myself the first bright dose of morning freshness – a sign that the horizon and the newness of day are here.

I brew some Starbucks Blonde Roast flavored with some French Vanilla mixed with Caramel Macchiato (high maintenance, I know). My pancakes are extra perfect – the result of being crispy on the edges, and staying light and fluffy on the inside.

The day begins with Jesus time and from there, there are no expectations. There’s love. There’s peace. A stillness in my soul and quietness gently keeping my heart at rest. The joy is abounding, apparent in my every move and spilling into the world around me – my relationships, my words, my walk, my movements. It’s contagious, I hope.

Confident. Free. Secure. Resting. Soulful. Alive. Pursued. Pursuing. Seeking. Finding. Leading. Loving.

It’s a day full of the little things. Fresh flowers. Productivity. But not the busy kind, the fruitful kind. There’s coffee. Warm bread. Quality time with my Jesus and my Adam. There’s dreaming. And chocolate. Walking. And nature. There’s relationship – people to grow with, laugh with, learn with and lead with. People to teach and people to learn from.

What can you relate to? When you imagine your ideal day, what do you think of?

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