almost 25.


I’m two weeks away from my quarter-life birthday and life is good, y’all!  I married the love of my life, I long-since graduated from college with the degree I’ve been excited about of since I was 18 and Adam and I have the best community we could have ever imagined. Hands down – it’s amazing.

But – it’s been a wild year.

We got married last February, I took a new job two weeks later, we moved to an apartment, then we moved to my parents to save money and pay off student loans, Adam traveled all summer, then I switched roles at work, then we moved again, then we got a puppy, then first married holiday season, then “HEY, 2015!” Still trackin’?

And, boy, have we learned a lot. You see, I’ve always prided myself on my ability to maintain routine, to create some semblance of “balance,” if you will. I try my best to build my days around priorities and extend grace when the rest isn’t perfect. As long as I’m sticking to my plan. But these days, I’m realizing that sometimes priorities don’t happen perfectly, either. In the midst of moving,  job changes and getting into the rhythm of married life, there’s laundry that sits for more than a week, dishes that pile for more than an hour after the meal ends, months when exercising just doesn’t happen and days when I get home and my energy just doesn’t lend itself to much of anything. And that is okay.

I’m still trying to let go of perfectly scheduled days and comprehensive to-do lists that “must” be completed before I can rest.

That said, I’m forever a goal-oriented gal who loves list, loves schedules and REALLY loves crossing items off the list and sticking to the plan. The thing is, I just want to recognize when grace should be prioritized over productivity.

Are you in a similar season? If so, I’d love to hear what you are learning!

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