saturday mornings.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 9.13.31 AM

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like all week you are climbing this mountain and all you can see are the trees and roots right at your feet?  Saturday morning you finally reach the peak. You see the forest, in spite of the trees. You feel the wind whisk away the sweat on your brow. And you sit and rest awhile, reflecting on the laborious journey the days have brought you.

That’s what I love about Saturdays.


fresh flowers.

hot coffee.


cinnamon rolls.


Starting this day has been nothing short of restful. What does whitespace look like for you?

One thought on “saturday mornings.

  1. deitra shoemaker says:

    I can relate…i love making space for white space and doing “serious nothing.” That generally includes enjoying the sunshine, doing some art and enjoying the presence of God. Enjoyed your musings…..


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