embracing the interim.

Photo Credit: Lauren Carnes Photography

Photo Credit: Lauren Carnes Photography

I sure do hope everyone has a friend like Monique. She’s authentic, smart, a great cook and incredibly attune to the Holy Spirit and his voice [she teaches me a lot about listening :)]. She’s that friend you truly savor time with and love learning from … and she introduced me to Shauna, which I will forever be indebted to her for. Today, we began reading Shauna’s newest book, Savor, together (see what I did there?) with our friend Lauren.

If you know anything about Shauna’s writing, you know that when you are reading her words, you feel like you are sitting across the table from her at a coffee shop soaking up all she has to say. For Mo, Lauren and me, she’s like a big sister in book form. She tells us all about how our twenties are “for becoming.” She paints beautiful word pictures of what it looks like to fight that process, and also what it can look like when we embrace it and just ride the waves.

Anywho, her devotion today is all about the interim and, more importantly, how everything in this life has the potential to be interim when we are journeying with Jesus. It resonated with me.

When Adam and I got engaged, I wanted to know exactly what life was going to look like when February 2, 2014, rolled around. I wanted to know where we would be living, what we would be doing and who our friends would be.

During that time, I sensed the Holy Spirit’s still, small voice reminding me that life is a series of changes and asking me to rest in His promise to provide through every season.

And guess what? God has provided! Consistently, affirmatively, ABUNDANTLY, and on time. As my fingers are hitting the keyboard, gratitude is swelling in my heart. If I could walk you through the big decisions we’ve made and how God has honored them, I would hope you could recognize the grace, provision and all around sweetness of our God. He has been and continues to be so kind to us.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have a hard time embracing the “interim?”

One thought on “embracing the interim.

  1. mandyvolpe says:

    I love this so much! I want a plan, but sometimes the plan needs to be simply allow God to do what I can’t dream up myself. His plans are always better…. Even if I second guess the process, at the end of the day I stand amazed. Can’t wait to hear more about the book… I’ve got it on my list to read!


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