the best day.

Y’all – spring is here and the Kersh’s made the most of a day with little plans, sunshine and a puppy with lots of energy to expend!

We started our day slow. I woke up with the weirdest back ache and Adam had a haircut appointment. We made some muffins and Adam played the guitar while I rested. Around lunch time, we realized we couldn’t let the day pass without spending some time outside, so a picnic at the park it was! We loaded Hattie into the car and grabbed some Chick-Fil-A.


my two favorites.

Hattie got her first taste of grilled chicken and I’m afraid we may have created a table food craving pup. Thanks to Adam for that one. 😉


the hattie dance.

We walked for a while and let Hattie experience the park (and a snake!), while we talked and walked with no agenda in mind.  No exercise goals, nowhere to be when we finished and nothing at all distracting us from the present moment. These afternoons are so rare, so precious and so important.

IMG_1674These days always make me long for summer and today I was surprised at how much I have MISSED the sun. I came home ready to tackle chores (who am I?), rearrange our study and EVEN clean the bathrooms. It’s amazing what a little exercise and sun can do!

Do you enjoy getting outside? How do spend your days off?

3 thoughts on “the best day.

  1. karen says:

    We enjoyed playing with Ethan, (grandson). Went to lunch, ate some awesome Spanish food. Back home, played outside with remote control truck and boat in the neighbors pool. It was a little warm for us today, 89ish. Mario wanted to rest and watch a movie…Ethan said “no pop pop, we go ouside”. We did go outside, (lol) we sprayed water on all the flowers…he loves doing that. A good time was had by all. xoxoxo


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