Five Favorite Dates

Adam and I met one time in high school through a mutual friend. After that, we lived in the same city (the Classic City – Athens, Ga.) for a while, but didn’t reconnect until six years later in October of 2012. I was doing publicity and hosting media for a conference Adam was singing at. I gave him my business card and the rest is history! Eight months later, Adam proposed on top of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs and we got married in February of 2014 at The Engine Room in Monroe, Ga.

Photo Credit: Vic Bonvicini Photography Wedding Design: It Takes Two Events

Photo Credit: Vic Bonvicini Photography
Wedding Design: It Takes Two Events

One of the things we’ve learned in marriage is that dating requires a lot more planning now! Before you’re married, it kind of feels as though every day is a date. At least it did for us – we were always driving to each other and planning something new to experience together. But once we were married, the rhythm (or lack thereof) of jobs, responsibilities and shared decisions rose to the helm – there’s a lot to do! πŸ™‚ In spite of that, Adam and  I try to implement a date night every few weeks (every week ideally!). With me traveling the next few weeks and Adam heading to camps for most of the summer, we’re kicking them into full gear. Here are a few of our favorites.


Credit: Vic Bonvicini Photography

1) Atlanta– It probably sounds counterintuitive, but this is when we unplug the most. We intentionally take a night (usually for special occasions – birthdays, anniversary, etc.) and go cell-phone-free into Atlanta. We pick a new restaurant receiving rave reviews and eat a new-to-us meal. It always involves ice cream (for me, a malt for him). We’ve been known to stay the night on the 62nd floor of the Westin, too. Not a bad deal!

2) Reliving our dating days in Athens! We love, love, love Athens, Ga.. It’s home to the Dawgs, and it’s where our love story began as I was living there when we started dating. Some of our favorite memories to date were made in this city, and it’s fun to relive those early dating memories like going to The Grill at midnight for a Malt and Feta fries or going thrifting in some of the city’s hidden gems.  IMG_0065

3) UGA Game Days. No trip to Athens is complete without cheering on our Dawgs! We love Saturdays in the Fall, but some of the cheapest dates we’ve been on have included (free) tennis matches and the Red and Black Spring game. Of course, we end the day at one of our favorite Athens establishments like The Last Resort, Five Bar or Amici.

4) Morning Date! Because Adam’s schedule requires him to work evenings for rehearsals and events, we love to make the most of our mornings. When we can, we wake up early, grab coffee at our favorite local spot (Pete’s Place) and head to the park or to Target. We LOVE Target dates, but it usually ends up costing us more than we bargained for! IMG_0801

5) At home date-night. When we’re tired from a crazy week, but needing some quality time, we opt for an at-home date night. Usually, it includes chicken casserole or homemade pizza (Chipotle when we’re REALLY not up for cooking) and a healthy dose of The Blacklist or a new-to-us Netflix movie. We enjoy having a night to just chill at home – no agenda, just each other.

So, there you have it. How do you carve out time for your significant other? We are always looking for new ideas!

4 thoughts on “Five Favorite Dates

  1. deitra shoemaker says:

    One of our fav dates is going to Loews and buying plants for the yard and then coming home a gardening together. Rob does the yard and I do the patio plants. Crazy but we are old people so what can you expect? Time in nature does connect us to God too so it’s a win-win.


    • hannahkersh says:

      I love that!! Adam and I are not much for green thumbs, but sometimes I wish I enjoyed it more. I love that spending time together in nature fuels your relationship and connects you to God. We love y’all!


  2. Abbey Mateer says:

    Love hearing about you and Adam – we love it when he sings at Buckhead Church! Scott and I definitely are already learning to be intentional about dates! Sometimes just calling the ordinary things – like running to get ice cream from Jeni’s (swoon) – a “date” just makes your heart flutter! Love you sweet girl and love keeping up with you! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


    • hannahkersh says:

      Abbey! So fun to see your comment and your name pop up here πŸ™‚ Thanks for your kind words about Adam – I’ll have to look for you next time he is at BC!!! And I totally agree – dates are the best!!! And Jeni’s is definitely swoonworthy πŸ™‚ Love you!


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