knock knock. anyone there?

Oh, hi! It’s been a while – a whirlwind while. Since my last blog post we’ve gone on vacation, I had my gallbladder removed, Adam renovated our new place (with lots of help!) and we moved. It’s been a little busy in our world lately. Regardless, our time in the Pacific Northwest was absolutely wonderful. Adam and I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time exploring, resting, indulging in great food, shopping and most importantly, just being with each other.

We taste tested a few famous doughnuts and agreed that Top Pot in Seattle was our favorite. VooDoo was fun/quirky/tasty (I mean, it’s a doughnut), but Top Pot delivered with their IMG_4456frosting, consistency (loved their Old-Fashioned) and the accompanying latte. Even better, the lady who rang us up on day one remembered us when we came back on our last day and we got to chat with her for a while. Overall, it was a really great experience. A highlight for me (don’t judge!) was getting to explore the flagship Nordstrom store. It definitely impressed me and I could have spent HOURS perusing and observing everything that makes Nordstrom well, Nordstrom. Their customer service was on par and every associate was so welcoming and attentive to us. No surprise there! We rolled out on day two and headed to Cannon Beach. My, oh my. The drive itself was amazing. We explored the coastline and even got to see a beached whale! Unfortunately, it had come in contact with a boat propeller and didn’t survive. We didn’t know that when we took the picture. 😦IMG_1867

We stopped for lunch in Astoria on the way. If you know the story of Lewis and Clark, this IMG_4466was where they realized they had reached the Pacific coastline. I could not even imagine what that must have felt like.

Cannon Beach was a dream. Our hotel was SO cozy with a beautiful view right on the beach. I couldn’t stop telling Adam, “I feel like I am in a novel!” If I ever write a book, I think I will retreat to Cannon Beach to do it.

IMG_2403It’s the type of town where you walk everywhere. You eat local ice cream, the market is right in the center of town and there’s a little bookstore you could spend hours in reading your favorite books, while not missing the wall of books by local authors. Ah, it was amazing. We also had my favorite coffee of the trip here at The Sleepy Monk. You guys, you must go. Very soon.

We spent a brief 24ish hours in the Portland area, the highlight being getting to explore the Columbia River Scenic Highway and hiking the Oneonta Gorge. It was incredibly beautiful. We didn’t go quitIMG_2545e prepared for the hike, but we made do in our Nikes. It was worth every freezing cold second with our feet in the water. God’s creativity is mind-blowing.

We headed back to Seattle to spend our last few days. We ate well, went to The City Church (so much fun!) and spent our final day, Adam’s birthday (!!!!), crossing the Puget Sound to explore Bainbridge Island. We took our convertible rental across on the ferry so that we could end up somewhere off the beaten path. It’s our favorite way to see a new place. We ended up on a tiny public beach at the end of a little street full of novel-esque (again) private homes. We spent an hour or a little more just there. Doing nothing except skipping rocks and taking pictures. It was perfect. We got ice cream and headed back to the city to celebrate my man with authentic Mexican food and Hot Cakes.

IMG_2702 IMG_2751

I’d do it again next year. Or next week. Even though we were busy, it was restful. And necessary. We had vacation planned before we planned surgery or the move and though it seemed overwhelming to happen all together, God knew what He was doing when he planned a reprieve for us. My heart is thankful.

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