life lately.

Athens is known for a lot of things. Namely, UGA and really great food. Since moving back a few weeks ago, I’ve remembered some of the other things that endear me to this city. Much of what I love is less about the place, and more about the nostalgia. The comfort, if you will. There are sunsets when I’m driving through the country that will leave me breatIMG_5078hlessly at peace and thunderstorms that beg me to sit completely content to sit on my couch and doodle. This place is just special. Maybe it’s because I tend to tie places to memories – and Athens, is where I found my passions. Adam dated me here. See.Spark.Go. gave me a chance here. I discovered my true love of writing here. I learned to host friends for dinner here. I guess you could say, I kind of grew up here. It’s where I came to appreciate slow Saturday morning brunches, biscuits piled high to heaven, and afternoon coffee runs at the office with the interns. Now, all of what I love about the Classic City is loved 100 times more because I get to share it with IMG_5353my best friend. Isn’t that funny? How life can shift again, and God leaves you standing still breathing a deep sigh of relief and whispering a quiet thank you. We knew He would take care of us, but it’s been a lot easier of a transition than we anticipated. Tonight, as I was picking blueberries on a farm about 10 minutes outside of town (how awesome if that?!), I realized: things have finally slowed down. For the most part any way. My health is under control, I’m doing what I love, Adam’s doing what he loves, we’re surrounded by really wonderful old friends while making new ones, and renovations are well, still in progress. But you get the picture. There may be crown molding to finish and ceilings to paint, but we’re not anticipating the next big change. And that feels really good.

So, friends, thank you for following along in the journey and rooting for us along the way. You’ll never know how much the calls, texts, moving help and renovation work has meant. The words of encouragement and belief in us have meant the world. You have opened our eyes to another level of what true community represents. We don’t deserve His grace, but we sure are grateful. We’re HERE!!! We couldn’t be more excited.

4 thoughts on “life lately.

  1. deitra shoemaker says:

    I love hearing the contentment in your voice. Can’t wait to experience your city with you at some point. Love your “grace, love, peace” doodles. You have great handwriting! Miss your sweetness every week at church but it was so wonderful to hug your and Adam’s neck the other day and to meet his dad and granddad! Very special!
    xxoo, Deitra

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    • hannahkersh says:

      Love you, Deitra! Please come visit us soon. Adam and I would love to treat you and Rob to dinner here at one of our favorite places. 🙂 Miss seeing you every week also at church. That has been the biggest transition!


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