insufficient, but surrendered.


I don’t want sufficiency, I want Jesus.

What I’ve realized is that often, the pursuit of sufficiency in in my life looks like clinging to the idea of an adequate solution in the midst of hard moments and working to that end. It’s the idea that I can fix things, or that somehow I have the answers to life’s problems. Lord knows (and everyone else) that’s not the case.

When the waves appear, my natural response is to be tired, anxious, controlling, sensitive and easily offended (in other words, delightful). The waves toss and turn and suddenly I’ve lost sight of the shore. It makes sense. We’re wired for control (ugh), and as long as the shore is in sight, I think I can find a way to get there on my own.

But I have a choice – I can be brave. I can choose to trust in His sufficiency alone. I don’t have to fix it, I don’t have to control it. Letting go is the bravest thing I can do. And that’s when I am bold, confident, sure-footed and calm. Insufficient, but surrendered.

Jesus finds us there- on the shore of His grace.  Some days, it looks like dying to plans, other days it looks like saying no to the daily pursuit of “enough.” And sometimes, my courageous moment is simply accepting that I am not the fixer, but Jesus is.

He calls out on the waves not to leave us there, but to meet Him there.

What do courageous moments look like in your life?

2 thoughts on “insufficient, but surrendered.

  1. deitra shoemaker says:

    love,love, love this post… speak Truth with a capital T! You get it! Now we just need to practice walking in it…keeping company with Jesus. A courageous moment for me is to celebrate my smallness, and find my worth not in what I do but who I am in Him…Beloved!


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