our grand adventure.


Twelve weeks ago, Adam started a new job. Eight weeks ago, we moved to a new city. Five weeks ago, we had a baby. Adam and I had a feeling when we chose our life together that it would be an adventure. We didn’t know what that meant, but when we said yes to each other we also said yes to obedience to Christ. It hasn’t been easy. There have been so many moments in the last six months when we wanted to play it safe and stay comfortable. We loved our town, our jobs, our people. We were close to family. We bought a house! After all, we had a 2015 full of change, too. And going in to 2016 I told God I wanted this to be a year without a lot of change. Be careful what you tell God. And don’t make a lot of plans. I found out I was pregnant the first week of January. And now we’re here, and again, it’s a story of His faithfulness. We’re settling. We’re making our new city home. We miss our family and our friends, but life is sweet here and our church has welcomed us with beautiful, wide, open arms. Thank you, Adam, for leading our little family through risk and change. This is not a story about our obedience, it’s about His faithfulness.
We’re honored to be yours, Adam. Thanks for the adventure. We love you.

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