these are the days.


I can’t believe this picture was almost seven weeks ago! Motherhood is a beautiful gift and I am so thankful for the opportunity to get a glimpse of the Father’s love in this way. I believe every little smile from Gabriel is sent straight from Heaven to remind me of how GOOD our Father is, that He would give us TINY HUMANS(!) to love and raise for Him. It blows my mind that little G has been a part of our story forever and it’s even more wild to think that there is already an incredible story written for his life.

The days since Sept. 25 have FLOWN by, even when they have felt long and tiring. It has been so much fun to relish in the sweetness and the challenges that accompany the newborn stage.

It’s actually kind of adorable when his milk-covered fists grab at my (now crusty) highlighted hair.

I cherish our mid-afternoon naps, doing my best to sneak in some rest while he gets some, too.

He has the most precious smile, smiling with one side of his face before going all out with a huge grin.

Oh, 2am feedings. Full of snuggles and sweet kisses and coos. And always groggy diaper changes. 

And the way he loves bath time. It’s a joy to keep this little boy clean! Even if it means 5 minute showers for me and going a little longer without shaving my legs. 🙂 

These are the days that won’t last forever. Some are hard and messy, but all are beautiful and precious. I love you, my little guy.

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