life lately.

I realize I have completely neglected this little corner of my world. Not that it has been a priority between home life, pregnancy, motherhood, work, moving and now selling + buying a home (a process not for the faint of heart….which has made me think maybe I am! ha!)…..

All that to say, life has been less than rhythmic in the midst of a season of a long commute for Adam and the ebbs and flows of pregnancy for me. The last few weeks have been some of my favorites with Gabriel. He’s learning new words every day and becoming more and more independent….walking, talking and being SO curious.

We celebrated the big FIRST birthday (on the heels of a never-ending stomach bug, so the cake was not a hit)!



We visited the pumpkin patch to celebrate Mimi’s birthday. Gabriel was obsessed with all of the big “app-uls” and would have stayed all day long. He finished the evening indulging in Mimi’s banana chocolate cake. Cake WIN!




We dressed up as Dad’s spirit animal for Halloween. If you know, you know.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 11.36.13 AM

We got Aunt Tay married to our favorite Italian uncle and Gabriel loved the “go-go” so much he rode around in it for the entire day.


We’re also enjoying our season at #1. Go Dawgs. 8EEF47E9-B7F5-4807-AB4A-B659338FE05B.jpg

And now we’re getting ready for a SUPER busy rest of 2017 and hopefully a quiet January before baby girl makes her arrival the first week of Feb. Stay tuned ;). In the meantime, fill me in on what’s happening in your world!

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